We hope you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to support Rachel’s Helping Hands Cancer Foundation by submitting your bid to us for a round of golf at Spring Mill Golf Club for 4 people with carts! This is not only a great way to help cancer families and patients with out of pocket costs relating to cancer treatment, but you’ll enjoy a round of golf with your friends at the beautiful Spring Mill Country Club. All proceeds benefit Rachel’s Helping Hands Cancer Foundation! A round of golf at Spring Mill Country Club is $125/pp, normally exclusive to members only, so we hope you take full advantage of this and know that if you are the winning bid that you’ll be helping someone in great need. This certificate is valid until 6/16/2020

Spring Mill Country Club 2019





Spring Mill Country Club

80 Jacksonville Rd, Ivyland, PA 18974

(215) 675-6000

Please fill out the above form with your bid amount. The winner of this silent auction will be announced via our Facebook Page and via Email.

Good Luck~