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2021 NFL Survivor Fundraiser


Rachel’s Helping Hands Cancer Foundation is holding a NFL Survivor Pool Fundraiser that is fun and easy to play. All you have to do is pick a winning team each NFL week, if you win, you keep playing. If your pick loses, you are eliminated. Last player standing wins!

Donation cost is $35 per entry

Prize pool awards 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place! Amounts determined week 1 of the season with a percentage benefiting Rachel’s Helping Hands Cancer Foundation!  25% is a donation to Rachel’s Helping Hands and remaining 75% of the funds go to the winner(s).  Upon checkout, you’ll receive further information on how to access the fundraiser survivor pool through RunYourPool.


  • This is a fundraiser!
    • 25% is a donation to Rachel’s Helping Hands Cancer Foundation, and remaining 75% goes towards last person (or multiples)
  • Participants are allowed up to 3 entries in the contest.
  • The pool starts with Week 1 and runs through the NFL regular season only.
  • Each pool member chooses one NFL team each week they think will WIN  their game outright (picks are made ‘straight up’, not using a point spread system).
  • NFL teams can only be picked once during the season.
  • If a game your picked team is playing in results in a tie, your pick will be incorrect and your entry will be eliminated.
  • The final pick deadline each week is Sunday at 1pm ET*. If you want to pick an earlier game you must do so by kickoff of that game.
  • If a member does not enter a pick for a specific week, no automatic pick will be made and the entry will be eliminated.
  • If a game is cancelled, postponed to a future week, or otherwise not played (e.g. forfeited), members who picked the game will have their pick replaced with the smallest available favorite from games starting after your pick deadline. Members can change this pick if your pick deadline has not passed yet
  • Email for any questions, comments, or concerns!